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You’re an ambitious professional. You present regularly, at the table or in front of a group. But you want to take a next step in (online) presenting. The experts at Nobbe Mieras do not take you one step, but miles further.

We host live and online public presentation training programs. We offer part of these public training programs in English. If you’d rather have us over to your place, we’re happy to send our trainers to work with your team at your location.

Meet Nobbe Mieras

Nobbe Mieras has been a trendsetter in presentation skills training for seventeen years. Our background is in the theatre and we draw heavily on scientific and psychological theory. We have published several books and articles and turn our findings into evidence-based methods that deliver quick, effective, bona fide results.

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Tailored presentation training

Let us know what you’re looking for. We can adjust our existing programs to address your needs, your timetable, or your specific challenges. Or we can turn your content into a custom workshop based on our methods. Natalie Mieras and Farah Nobbe are also available to speak at your location. Please contact us if you want to know more: info@nobbemieras.nl

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Please call or e-mail us. Our team is happy to help you out