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Storydesign English

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The majority of presentations are somewhat dull and uninteresting. Why? Because when professionals create a presentation they often put their information in chronological order and then start sending. The Americans refer to this as ‘The Real Estate Tour’:

"On the left you can see the bathroom, on the right you’ll find the livingroom, and if you keep walking you’ll enter the bedroom”.

The presenter sums up all the relevant points in a predictable order while showing overfilled slides that double up the story. He realizes that it is boring but has no idea how to do things differently.

After this training
  • You will master a super handy note-taking technique that helps you create appealing presentations.
  • You will be able to craft a story structure that captivates your audience from the beginning to the end.
  • You can use these skills for presentations, but you can also apply them when making proposals in a meeting or during one-on-one discussions

Besides the fact that a chronological summary is irritating for an audience, it also leads to another problem that is actually far worse. Research has shown that persuasion occurs according to a predetermined psychological flow. Those who fail to incorporate this process are missing an important influential element.

During the training Storydesign English we introduce you to the psychological principles of persuasion. We show you how to design your story around this process and how to design cohesive and convincing presentations that leave a lasting impression. You will learn to work with a super handy note-taking technique that helps you to create interesting and appealing presentations. The effect of this is that your audience will understand you, be captivated and be convinced.

Wat gaan we doen?


  • We teach you to strategically design a presentation. You will discover how your choices affect your audience.
  • We familiarize you step by step with the Storydesign methodology. This will enable you to create a clear sequence of events that creates suspense for your audience and captivates them from the beginning to the end.
  • You will learn to note down your story in a fast, organized manner in the digital Storydesigner. This method of working saves a great deal of preparation time, gives you the opportunity to make changes very quickly and allows you to confer with colleagues on your presentation.
  • We teach you how you can use the slides with the 3-second rule so that the communicative content of your story is strengthened instead of weakened.

This course gives you a completely new method for designing and approaching presentations.

Why Nobbe Mieras?
  • Trainers with a background in theater, working evidence-based
  • Preferred supplier of renowned companies at the Zuidas
  • An average rating of 9,3 out of hundreds of reviews on Springest

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Ina Giesen

Accountmanager / Trainer

Ina Giesen is een prettige en professionele trainer, die op de persoon afgestemd advies geeft en je direct haar feedback in de praktijk laat brengen.

Ina Giesen (1970) is accountmanager en presentatietrainer bij Nobbe Mieras trainingen. Zij volgde haar theateropleiding aan de Hogeschool voor de Kunsten te Arnhem. Tijdens haar studie ontwikkelde Ina organisatietrainingen en werkte ze als organisatieadviseur in complexe veranderingstrajecten. Ina gebruikt theatertechnieken en methoden in trainingen gericht op presentatie, communicatie en samenwerking. Ina werkte met hoogopgeleide professionals in de gezondheidszorg, het bedrijfsleven, de cultuur en de wetenschap. Door haar achtergrond wordt Ina vaak gevraagd voor trainingstrajecten op het gebied van change en persoonlijke effectiviteit. In haar vrije tijd werkt ze met veel passie aan theater/film producties. Elementen uit deze vrije producties vinden hun weg naar trainingen. Hierdoor blijft haar aanpak onbevangen en fris.

Ina Giesen (1970) is an account manager and presentation trainer at Nobbe Mieras. She followed her theater education at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem. During her study, Ina developed organizational training courses and worked as an organizational consultant in complex change processes. Ina uses theater techniques and methods in training aimed at presentation, communication and collaboration. Ina worked with highly skilled professionals in healthcare, business, culture and science. Because of her background, Ina is often asked for training courses in the field of change and personal effectiveness. In her spare time she works with great passion on theater/film productions. Elements from these free productions find their way into training. This keeps her approach uninhibited and fresh.

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Annemarie Wisse

Accountmanager / Trainer

Annemarie was ver boven gemiddeld niveau. Niet alleen omdat ze de lesstof zo goed brengt, maar juist om alle aandacht eromheen die ze geeft. Je zit in een groep, en het voelt toch alsof ze dit voor jou alleen doet.

Annemarie Wisse (1970) studeerde in 1994 af aan de Amsterdamse Toneelschool. Ze speelde bij diverse theatergezelschappen en voor televisie. Daarnaast ging ze aan de slag als trainingsacteur. In 2001 voltooide ze de opleiding tot professioneel trainer en werkte sindsdien in zowel de profit- als non-profitsector als trainer. Zij specialiseerde zich ondermeer in presentatietechnieken. Naast haar werk als trainer en actrice schreef Annemarie ook voor het theater. Annemarie is werkzaam bij Nobbe Mieras trainingen als accountmanager en trainer.

Annemarie Wisse (1970) graduated in 1994 from the Amsterdam Theater School. She played with various theater companies and for television. In addition, she started working as a training actor. She completed her training as a professional trainer in 2001 and has since worked as a trainer in both the profit and non-profit sector. She specialized in presentation techniques. In addition to her work as a trainer and actress, Annemarie also wrote for the theatre. Annemarie works at Nobbe Mieras as an account manager and trainer.

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Thijs Feenstra


Op een prettige en zeer enthousiaste manier neemt Thijs je mee, en wonder boven wonder pak je het door zijn aanpak makkelijk op.

Thijs Feenstra (1959) is presentatietrainer bij Nobbe Mieras trainingen. Hij studeerde in 1984 af aan de Hogeschool voor de Kunsten te Kampen als eerstegraads theaterdocent. Na zijn studie werkte hij als acteur voor film (o.a. ‘Zwartboek’ en ‘Brief voor de Koning’) en televisie (o.a. ‘Bureau Kruislaan’ en ‘Baantjer’). Als theateracteur was Thijs verbonden aan de gezelschappen ‘Tryater’ en ‘De Appel’. Sinds 2000 werkt Thijs als trainingsacteur en communicatietrainer. Hij heeft een brede ervaring opgebouwd binnen verschillende werkvelden. Hij weet als geen ander hoe een verhaal overtuigend verteld moet worden, en welke mechanismen daarbij een rol spelen.

Thijs Feenstra (1959) is a presentation trainer at Nobbe Mieras. He graduated in 1984 from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Kampen as a theater teacher. After his studie he worked as an actor for film (including 'Zwartboek' and 'Brief voor de Koning') and television (including 'Bureau Kruislaan' and 'Baantjer'). As a theater actor, Thijs was associated with the companies 'Tryater' and 'De Appel'. Since 2000, Thijs has been working as a training actor and communication trainer. He has broad experience in various fields of work. He knows better than anyone how to tell a story convincingly, and which mechanisms play a role in this process.

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