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Storytelling English

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Many people think that inspired presenting is the prerogative of a select group of people gifted with charisma. What they don’t realize is that the secret of an enthralling presentation often lies not in the speaker’s delivery but in the extent to which he or she tells a story.

After this training
  • You will be able to combine intelligent data with storytelling.
  • You will master a storytelling-method that you can use in all sorts of situations: presentations, meetings, or one-to-one conversations.
  • You will understand the ins and outs of influencing through storytelling.

Storytelling training and the campfire

Your presentations are well structured and yet your audience’s eyes glaze over at times. You wonder how to make your presentations more exciting and inspiring. You want to strike a chord with your listeners, to keep them involved.

The reason your presentations sometimes fail to captivate your audience may be the level of abstraction. Abstract information (“These innovative challenges ensure that our organization can resume its place in the driver’s seat…”) tends to go in one ear and out the other. We understand what the speaker is saying, but the information doesn't stick.

Indeed, if you were to make an MRI scan of someone’s brain while they were listening to an abstract account, you’d see very little brain activity. To engage emotionally, we need palpable images, concepts so real that we can picture them. That’s why appealing presentations incorporate anecdotes, metaphors or analogies in addition to abstractions and arguments. Speakers who use these elements practice storytelling.

Storytelling engages your listeners on an entirely different level. Because they can then picture what you are saying, you appeal to their emotions. Another advantage of storytelling is that your audience will remember your presentation better.

But before you start making juicy stories, know that there is a huge difference between campfire-tales and stories that are suitable for business. Before you get started, you need to know what you are doing. Not every story is appropriate, nor does every story work.

Wat gaan we doen?


  • We’ll show you how to influence your listeners at different levels: intellectually, but also emotionally.
  • We’ll reveal what storytelling can help you achieve. You’ll learn to illustrate your arguments using anecdotes, metaphors and analogies.
  • We’ll teach you how to use storytelling to make your point and make it persuasively. A statement such as “We have a lot of experience” tends to go in one ear and out the other. You’ll learn to relate anecdotes that get your listeners thinking, spontaneously, “They have a lot of experience!” Your listeners will find this more convincing.
  • You’ll discover how to track down interesting stories and use them professionally.
  • You’ll learn the Ten Commandments of Storytelling and how to apply them.
  • We’ll give you examples of successful and less successful illustrations, so that you learn what’s best in your own work situation.
  • You’ll work with a seasoned trainer whose background is in the world of television and film scenarios.

I experienced what a appealing and inspiring story does and gradually learned to build and present such a story. Not only did I learn how storytelling works, I also practised it and went home with a good story.

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Annemarie Wisse

Accountmanager / Trainer

Annemarie was ver boven gemiddeld niveau. Niet alleen omdat ze de lesstof zo goed brengt, maar juist om alle aandacht eromheen die ze geeft. Je zit in een groep, en het voelt toch alsof ze dit voor jou alleen doet.

Annemarie Wisse (1970) studeerde in 1994 af aan de Amsterdamse Toneelschool. Ze speelde bij diverse theatergezelschappen en voor televisie. Daarnaast ging ze aan de slag als trainingsacteur. In 2001 voltooide ze de opleiding tot professioneel trainer en werkte sindsdien in zowel de profit- als non-profitsector als trainer. Zij specialiseerde zich ondermeer in presentatietechnieken. Naast haar werk als trainer en actrice schreef Annemarie ook voor het theater. Annemarie is werkzaam bij Nobbe Mieras trainingen als accountmanager en trainer.

Annemarie Wisse (1970) graduated in 1994 from the Amsterdam Theater School. She played with various theater companies and for television. In addition, she started working as a training actor. She completed her training as a professional trainer in 2001 and has since worked as a trainer in both the profit and non-profit sector. She specialized in presentation techniques. In addition to her work as a trainer and actress, Annemarie also wrote for the theatre. Annemarie works at Nobbe Mieras as an account manager and trainer.

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