Storydesign English

Storydesign English

The majority of presentations are somewhat dull and uninteresting. Why? Because when professionals create a presentation they add their information chronologically and then send it out. The Americans refer to this as ‘The Real Estate Tour’. “On the left you can see the bathroom, on the right you’ll find the bedroom, and if you keep walking you’ll come to the guest bedroom”. The presenter sums up all the relevant points in chronological order while showing overfilled slides that double up with the story. He knows that it is dull and uninteresting but has no idea how to do things differently.

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Besides the fact that a chronological summary is irritating for an audience, it also leads to another problem that is actually far worse. Research has shown that persuasion occurs according to a predetermined psychological flow. Those who fail to incorporate this process are missing an important influential element.

During the training Storydesign English we introduce you to the psychological principles of persuasion. We show you how to design your story around this process and how to design cohesive and convincing presentations that leave a lasting impression. You will learn to work with a super handy note-taking technique that helps you to create interesting and appealing presentations. The effect of this is that your audience will understand you, be captivated and be convinced.

The training Storydesign English:

  • We teach you to strategically design a presentation. You will discover how your choices affect your audience.
  • We familiarize you step by step with the Storydesign methodology. This will enable you to create a clear sequence of events that creates suspense for your audience and captivates them from the beginning to the end.
  • You will learn to note down your story in a fast, organized manner in the digital Storydesigner. This method of working saves a great deal of preparation time, gives you the opportunity to make changes very quickly and allows you to confer with colleagues on your presentation.
  • We teach you how you can use the slides with the 3-second rule so that the communicative content of your story is strengthened instead of weakened.

After this 1-day Storydesign training course you will quickly be able to design convincing stories that captivate listeners and are remembered. Not only can you use this new knowledge and skills for presentations, but you can also apply it when making proposals in meetings or during one-on-one discussions.



A logical follow up to this training course is the 1-day training course in Storytelling.

1 day

Number of participants
Maximum of 6 attendees

Price 2019
€ 840,-. Includes the digital Storydesigner. Excludes 21% VAT. Excludes location costs € 80,-


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“Highly informative course. A totally different perspective on creating presentations.”

“This course gives you a completely new method for designing and approaching presentations.”
H. Tuinstra, Senior Legal Counsel

“Perfect training course! Immediate results!”
Nico de Ros, ABN AMRO

“I gained a great deal of insight into the correct presentation structure. Extremely useful and enjoyable to do.”

“Fast, high level, but especially fun as well!”
Ronald Berends, Aidsfonds

“Exceptionally informative and practical.”

“A training course on how to structure content. Really new and very useful. A must for everyone!” N. Giphart, Senior Corporate Lawyer

“This was super! It included tons of excellent guidance and material to think about and apply after plenty of practice.

“A great training course that really deals with the practical application. The theoretical underpinning was extremely good.”

“Rare to have had a training course that can be used so practically. Exceptionally clear!”

“Really excellent, enjoyable training! Exercises did not seem forced and the process was relatable and easy to follow.”
S. Afonso

“A highly relevant and professionally tutored course.”
M. v.d. Maarel, Senior Urban Designer