Storydesign and Storytelling English

Storydesign and Storytelling English

Storytelling is a fantastic way to boost your presentation skills. It stirs your listeners’ imagination, makes their heart beat faster, and effortlessly captures and holds their attention. Storytelling gets your audience to engage with your content on an entirely different level. Because you show your listeners what you are talking about, you can appeal to their emotions. Another advantage of storytelling is that your listeners will remember your presentation better.

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And yet, storytelling is not a cure-all. Without a cognitive framework, stories are mere entertainment, fun to listen to but serving no purpose. You can learn how to structure, deliver and elaborate on an anecdote, but that will get you no closer to giving an effective presentation. On the other hand, the cognitive side alone is also not enough. Being rationally persuaded of something in no way means that we will act accordingly. How often don’t we come across ideas that we endorse completely but then disregard? If an idea fails to move us, we won’t act on it.

If you want to use storytelling to achieve success in business, you need a story strategy. That involves creating a solid Storydesign and then enhancing the outline presentation with the art of Storytelling. This approach produces presentations that are crisp, persuasive and riveting. During this two-day course, you’ll learn how to create presentations that fit this description.

Day 1: Storydesign

  • We’ll teach you to design a presentation strategically.  You’ll discover how your choices influence your audience.
  • We’ll take you through the Storydesign methodology step by step. It will help you create a distinct narrative arc that keeps your audience enthralled from start to finish.
  • You’ll learn to note down your story quickly and concisely in the digital Storydesigner. That will save you a lot of preparation time and allow you to make quick changes and discuss your presentation with your co-workers.
  • We’ll teach you how to apply the three-second rule to slides or Prezi images so that they add to your story instead of detracting from it.

Day 2: Storytelling

  • On day 2, we’ll show you what storytelling can help you achieve. You’ll learn to illustrate your arguments using anecdotes, metaphors and analogies.
  • We’ll show you how to use storytelling to make your point and make it persuasively. A statement such as “We have a lot of experience” tends to go in one ear and out the other. We’ll teach you to relate anecdotes that get your listeners thinking, spontaneously, “They have a lot of experience!” They will find this more convincing.
  • You’ll discover how to track down interesting stories and use them professionally.
  • You’ll learn the Ten Commandments of Storytelling and how to apply them.
  • We’ll give you examples of successful and less successful illustrations so that you can learn what’s best in your own work situation.
  • You’ll work with a seasoned trainer whose background is in the world of television and film scenarios.

After this two-day course in Storydesign & Storytelling, you’ll have no trouble designing persuasive, captivating stories that listeners will long remember. Your new knowledge and skills will come in handy for presentations, but also when pitching ideas at a meeting or in one-to-one conversations.


Tot slot

Time investment
2 days

No. of participants
Maximum of 6

Price Storydesign and Storytelling 2019
€ 1.695,- included the digital Storydesigner.  Excluding 21% Value Added Tax, excluding location costs € 160,-

Zeist / Amsterdam

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“Telling stories is an art, this training has lifted a tip of the veil.”
Andreas Maurer, teamleider ABN AMRO

“Thank you. Very educational training and a good trainer. Very nice.”

“Fast pace and highly applicable, which makes it excellent.”

“Perfect balance between theory, practice and exercise.”

“Very valuable training with impact. It touched me. Thank you!”
C. Takken, Customer Experience consultant.

“Great course. Exciting and directly applicable.”

“Best training ever. Perfect combination between theory en practice. Lots of interaction, therefore we also learned a lot from each other.”